An initiative where clothes or any other belongings, which are donated by common people are sold to the needy. They are sold at affordable rates, starting from Rs.5 to Rs. 20. The purpose of the initiative is to make the needy realize the value of such generous donation and to ensure that these donations are used appropriately. In addition to this, the women of the Katkari community undertake the arduous task of organizing all the donated clothes. This acts as an additional and suitable source of income...

Toybrary (खेळण्यालय)

Inauguration of our new non-profit venture #Toybrary an unique concept of Donate Aid Society was executed on 20 July 2019. The opening ceremony of our first ever Toybrary was held in Anganwadi (Rural Child Care Centre), MathPimpri, AhmedNagar. Our first step was not only to develop learning and reading, but also try and focus on their overall skill development. This thought of Toybrary was brought into extistence by Donate Aid Society Pune specially for Anganwadi children to develop their motor and cognitive skills along with hand-eye co-ordination and mainly encouraring them to come to school. Our thought was put into reality where we opened our first Toybrary in a small village site in Anganwadi, MathPimpri, AhmedNagar. We donated good quality toys and a cupboard to keep the toys safe.This wil surely encourage the small children to come to school play & learn.

Project Disha

Poverty and hunger form a basic challenge to society today. Donate Aid Society has identified vulnerable tribal communities facing a dearth of necessary resources. By tackling these everyday challenges, we pave the path to pursue success. We help improve lives and livelihoods by providing basic infrastructure, empowering women, improving hygiene conditions and more. One of the core challenges holding our society back is that of poverty and hunger. Without access to basic nourishment or amenities, entire communities are held back from the potential they can otherwise achieve. Our initiatives aim to support economically weaker tribal communities by providing access to these key resources. We enable them to lead better lives and enjoy improved prospects for their future. This project embodies our efforts towards sustainable development in socio-economically weaker tribal communities through women empowerment, health and nutrition awareness, and by providing basic infrastructure, among others. Programs which are regularly excecuted are as follows : 1. Regular Health Checkups for all age Groups. 2. Day Care for Tribal Children. 3. Nutritious food for Tribal Children and women. 4. Affordable Clothing to Tribals (DAS SHOP)